Part 2 – Chapter 1

This chapter was written after the original Companion series. Instead of adding this chapter to the original Companion Series, this is the first chapter written after the original set was completed.  If enough content is created in the future a new full companion set will be created.

The field is quiet, warm, and relaxing. Nothing but complete calm as I sit under a tree — no storm, no wind, no cold – just calm – deceptive calm. The storm rages inside – inside where no one can see – hidden from all – all but me. Illusion and Delusion have settled in – dwelling – dwelling in my dwelling.

With every breath, Illusion and Delusion spread – spread as parasites throughout my body – surfing the bloodstream to all corners. I feel the parasites slowly infiltrating the marrow of my bones. I feel them gorging on the marrow of my thighs; I feel them gorging the marrow of my spine, I feel them gorging on the marrow of my fingertips.

The parasites find a home in my mind. Their jaws ingest all thoughts – ingest all beliefs – ingest all understanding. Illusion and Delusion find nourishment and strengthen – strengthen in power – strengthen in intent – strengthen in resolve. When the indulging is complete, nothing of the mind remains – except for an empty cavern – an empty cavern consumed with Illusion and Delusion.

With my mind ravaged, the parasites spread to my heart. I feel each of the thousands of parasites gnaw at my heart’s being. Torturously slow, bite by bite the parasites find their fare – Compassion, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Joy, and Serenity are slowly overwhelmed with each passing nip. As those chambers disappear, Love is all that remains – the final subsistence. Illusion and Delusion quickly raze Love – an easy meal without the surrounding protection.

While the insides are devoured, the outside begins to ill. The skin slowly recedes – slowly pales – slowly ashens. Features gaunt, recess, and shrink. All the while, the expression – the attitude – the presence – all remain calm – calm acceptance of the devastation of the parasites. Illusion and Delusion annihilating everything – until all is dead. All the while, all remain calm.